Zuvak(Zoo Va Kuh)

The Zuvak are a water-borne people who inhabit the Etzu Lake on the North-west of Rogas and rule the Northern waters of Polar sea from their underwater Keep, constructed of the bones of the Timut's beast and living coral. The Zuvak are extremely defensive of their lake, going so far as to attack the Levytan trade ships that ventured into the waters. This caused problems between the 2 people, with reports of the fish monsters of Lake Etzu and plans for a full scale offensive being drafted, but eventually communication was established and peace was reached 50 years ago. Being adapted to water the Zuvak mastered hunting the creatures of the waters, so with a trade market with the Levytan, they developed the practises of Seal hunting and pearl diving. The giant pearls and beautiful Seal skins the Zuvak collect are prized in Levyt territory.

In the past, The Abimelech clans have tried to fish the lake, but these attempts were quickly stopped and more than a few members of the clan endeds up at the bottom of the Polar Sea. In retaliation, the Abimelech tried damming the Greater Etzu River. The Zuvak, however, caught on and one night attacked the project, destroying it and slaughtering the men building it. Since then the factions have come to an unspoken understanding, after all how do you fight a foe that lives underwater, the incidents have left relations tense.



Tall lanky frames, averaging 7'.

Skin Tone

Pale Grey-Blue

Eye Color


Hair Color



Waterborne, they have developed fish-like features such as gills, scaly flesh and webbed fingers and toes.

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