Planet of Goshen Wiki

Religions of Goshen[]


Jual is the Realm of the Gods of the Abimelech, where Varo and Laaki dwell.

Founder Gods[]

Ades revere the three founder gods who ever watch over Goshen, Garyn, Khiies, and Tmes.

Gods of the Blav[]

The Anin worship the Gods of the Blav; The Sky God Tayin and his Sister-wife Goddess of the Plains Yulin, as well as their Jealous Brother Dulain, God of the Mountains.


Basli worship Jaali, the tree at the center of their holy forest and embodiment of Jaali's sacrifice that granted the Basli life.


Dulmal, and many of the Lommal, revere Bwoyy, the one who controls the Black Fog that dominates the northern reaches of Rogas every Summer.


The Pulsa are the Family of Gods of the Gawei, Inn-z and his Wife Kami, and their son and daughter, Cenno and Maku. As well as Sotet whom Inn-z ever-battles to keep Goshen safe.


The grand stories of the Ancients have lead to their deification, chiefly among the Grey-Tribes.

The Silent One[]

Hesens are zealous followers of the Silent One, who speaks to them through their leader, the Asante.


Huargens believe in the Great Shepard, Shayaen, who gave them the Vochnr as a gift.


Venute is the God of Justice revered by the Hunute, unbiased by sight, Venute deals fairly in reward and punishment.


Bumlan is the Goddess of bounty worshiped by the Kalani.


The Levyt revere Boadon, temperamental master of Waters, ever dealing out its bounty or its wrathful Storms.


Nebiro is a Mighty Leviathan revered by the Merro and said to roost in the sacred Great Trench under the waters near Elfall.


The one who granted the Navo mastery of Contstruction, the grandiose Keep of the Silt Castle is believed to be the work of Byajvo.


The Moghes are the pantheon of the Poghess. Djahes the Wise, Harhes the Strong, and Zavhes the Kind, who are said will someday return the Poghess home.


Ngjin, the Great Herder, is revered among the Ran-nu, whose lives are so intertwined with their herd beasts, the Doharn.


The Qwari revere Vawri, the one who lead them from the savage era which nearly destroyed the Qwari.


Ilnut is the revered progenitor of the water-beasts that give the Timut sustenance.


Zineks are collectors of the studies of the mechanisms that control and shape the world. These studies are kept in the great book, Granoz Zinat, which is held in reverence among the Vitat.


This great hole in the Dying Lands is feared by the Yava, who feed it their enemies and prisoners regularly, lest it grow to engulf the world.


The Wasp god of the Kauni Forest, who taught the Zets to tame the Kauni.


Samak is the divine fishmother, from whom the Zuvak were born.