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Ran-nu(Raw New)[]

The Ran-nu are goshenites who make home on the plains of the isolated peninsula on the North-east of Pan. For much of Goshen history prior to the Gawei Incursion, the Ran-nu are disparate groups sharing the peninsula rather than a unified. They would settle disputes of territory or aggression with ritualized combat or a duel of champions. This changed after the Gawei seized the Ran-Nu peninsula and forced them into the East Daly Mountains. There the Ran-nu were united for the first time in the Battle of the Pass, which saw a slaughter among the tribes, 'til then unheard of.



Lean runner/hunter frames. Typically average height of ~5'10.

Skin Tone[]

Dark Brown, Black

Eye Color[]

Predominately Black, Irregularly Chocolate/Brown

Hair Color[]