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Hunute(Hun Oot)[]

The Hunute are a coalition of hunting villages on the border of the Black Wastes centered between the Abimelech and Earth Fort mountain ranges. Bordering between the Abimelech and levyt territories the Hunute have struggled to prosper. The Hunute land is covered in a dense fog that rolls in from the Black Waste and settles between the mountain ranges, the fog causes blindness if exposed for long periods of time and turns the water sulfuric, after generations of exposure the Hunutes eyes have taken a white gloss that improves their sight in dark areas but worsens it in bright light. Due to there evolved eyes they became master hunters of the night. Most other tribes tend to show discrimination for their changed look and some even fearing them. Due to the environment all skirmishes against the Hunutes have ended in failure making a shield between the two warring factions.



Middling frames. Of average height of ~5'10 feet tall.

Skin Tone[]

Dark/Grey calloused flesh

Eye Color[]

White, various bright colors, Glazed over in age.

Hair Color[]



Blind from the long exposure to the Black Fog.