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Huargen(Har Gens)[]

Huargens are incredibly withdrawn, with much of the population, outside the tribal elders, refusing to interact with other Goshenites. Because of this, as well as their giant, imposing figures and horned heads, rumor has painted them as monsters. Said to capture, and cook, any who dare set foot on their island. This rumor is so prolific, that any poor sailors who happen to shipwreck in the stormy channel near the island would rather drown than make shore. But the truth is the Huargens are gentle giants, and unnatural death is nearly unheard of on the island.

Still, even to the more informed Goshenites, the Huargen are a private mystery with some speculating about how close the Huargen and their burden beasts, the Vochnr, actually are.



Large and Imposing. Upwards of 14 feet tall, with an average of being 10 feet tall. They also have 2large curling horns protruding from either side of their head

Skin Tone[]

Olive, Deep Brick Red

Eye Color[]

Dark Brown

Hair Color[]

Dark Brown, Black, Grey


Long-lived at an average of 200+ years, for Huargens that survive large birth mortality rate.