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Grey-tribes(Grey Try Buh Z)[]

More or less autonomous tribes south of the Tainted Greys mountains, called the Grey Lands. The tribes are famous for their metal working forges and strong metal walls. They are also known as the best hunters in all of Goshen wielding their powerful large bows. varied and specialized, Some tribes craft tools, others farm, others hunt, others gather, others still provide the trade that is vital among the tribes. The village crafts are a valued commodity leading some enterprising individuals to set up trade networks and sell to the Levytans.

Grey Tribes along the coast have avoided Huargen Island when out fishing in the bay, letting themselves succumb to a watery grave rather than set foot on the island. Tales have long spread of the Giant ravenous man-eaters living on the island. The tribes spread rumors of how they skin their victims alive and share the meat with their horned minions.

The Elders of the Grey tribe closest to the Basli have forbidden any tribes people entrance in the Basli Forest for fear invoking the ire of the Basli.

Erak of the Grey lands have a unique and beautiful silver/grey coat. Garments tailored from the hides are rare and prized outside the Grey-tribes.



Middling frames. Of average height of ~5'10 feet tall.

Skin Tone[]


Eye Color[]

Predominately Green and Brown

Hair Color[]

Dirty Blonde, Light Brown