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Gayl(Gah El)

Background []

These large canines are found in the mountain forests around the Abimelech mountains. They have a fine clothlike fur on their limbs, a thick black, grey, brown, or dirty white coat of fur covers their upper body. Savage and clever these lone hunters are a match for most Goshenite hunters, allowing them to take down any prey they please. They’ve adapted the ability to walk on their hind legs, giving them better vantage when surveying the area. Very territorial, they have outsmarted and killed many amateur and arrogant hunters foolish enough to venture too close. They, however, strongly dislike the taste of Goshenites, dragging bodies upwards of a mile out of their territory.



Thick muscular frames and sharp claws. Stand about as tall as a man.


Fine fur on their limbs, thick coat on their torso


Black, grey, brown, or dirty white.

Eye Color[]



High intelligence