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Gawei(Gah Way)[]

The Gawei are goshenites who inhabit the largest island in the Dawn Sea to the East of the Two(known) Continents of Goshen. The Gawei were once one of many semi-hostile Tribes inhabiting the island. They were a fishmonger people and made their home on the Southwest coast. Then around the 1760 Year After the Breaking, they had come in possession of a crate of Bonemetal from a Levytan Trade Envoy. Thus began a period known there after as the Unification of Gawei and, by 1776 A.B., all the tribes on the island had been subjugated by the Elder of Gawei, from then on known as the Supreme Elder.

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Lean runner/hunter frames. slightly taller than most Goshenites at an average of ~6 feet tall.

Skin Tone[]


Eye Color[]

Predominately Chocolate/Brown, Emerald Green(Rarity)

Hair Color[]