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Abimelech(Uh Bim E Lek)[]

The Abimelech are a group of Clans that inhabit the central mountain ridge of Rogas named for them. To outsiders, such as the Levyt and Grey-tribes, they are despised as ferocious raiders and slavers but within the Clans they hold themselves to the honorable warfare of The Way, which teaches that the strong should justly rule over and protect the weak, while the weak should maintain their protectors in return. This view has lead to the Abimelech clans to warring with surrounding Goshenites, namely the Levytans, Grey-tribes, Hunute, and Zuvak. The Zuvak, in particular are hated as "Fishpeople", and the Clans once even tried to damn the Etzu rivers to dry up their lake. The Kalani, however, have never faced the Abimelech, instead offering yearly tribute from their massive surplus of food. Without which, the Abimelech likely maintain in the near-barren Mountains.

12 Clans[]


Beon's Pride

Black Rock

Drugar Skull

Eker Sons

Ember Horde

Gayl Brothers

Giant Stone

Polar’s Might

Rising Rock

Savage Tochon

White Claw



Muscular frames. taFairthan most Goshenites at an average of ~6'3".

Skin Tone[]


Eye Color[]

Predominately Blue and Green

Hair Color[]

Varied from Dark Brown to Blonde